Blueprints and project details

The blueprints on this side are examples. It is possible to change the room settings according to your needs and wishes, the architecture of the outer walls has to remain untouched by possible changes.

Chalets 1 & 2  Ground floor

Chalet 1  143 m²  in total ( Sold )

Chalet 2  in total 102 m²  ( Sold )
Ground floor (approx. 59 m²)
Spacious living/dining room with kitchen, storage room,
South terrace with garden

Chalets 1 & 2 Upper floor

Chalet 1  145 m² in total (sold )

Chalet 2  in total 102 m²  ( sold )
Upper floor ( approx. 43 m² )
2 bed rooms
1 bed room with single bed or bunk bed 
Bath, separated WC, south balcony with mountain view

Chalets 3 & 4  Ground floor
Each in total (ground and upper floor) 106 m²

Ground floor ( approx. 60 m² )

Spacious living/dining room with kitchen, storage room,
South terrace with garden

Optional  4th bed room on ground floor

Chalets 3 & 4  Upper floor

In total 106 m²
Upper floor ( approx. 46 m² )
2 bed rooms
1 bed room with single bed or bunk bed 
Bath, separated WC, south balcony with mountain view

Prices for the Chalets start at  €  498.000,-- (net Price)

Purchase costs for buying a property in Austria work out about 6.6% of the gross purchase price. The purchaser will be required to pay the notary fees after the contract of sale has been signed.

Fees are calculated as follows:
Purchase Tax ‘Stamp Duty’ – 3.5% of the gross price
Registration in the Land Registry – 1.1% of gross price
Notary’s fees – between 1.5 and 2% of gross price
Court costs, administration fees – approx. 150 euros